A Complete Learning Platform Specifically Designed for Statistics Education

Whether you’re looking to quickly assign online homework, build your own custom interactive lessons, or quickly set up a comprehensive introductory statistics course, do it all with a feature and content-rich learning platform that can support statistics learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Key2STATS Features

Easily Assign Problem Sets with Instant Grading

Rather than having to wait for homework to be graded and returned, Key2STATS problem sets provide instant feedback.

Question Specific Hints for Struggling Students

If a student finds themselves struggling with how to solve a problem, Key2STATS offers help in the form of question specific hints. These hints break the problem down step-by-step to help students understand how to complete that specific problem.

Low Cost

We strongly believe that the best learning resources shouldn't be cost-prohibitive. To help make education more accessible to all, Key2STATS has kept its pricing low. K-12 students pay a low $11.95 per year and college students pay only $39.95 per semester.

Build Interactive Lessons

Gone are the days where students grab a large textbook and start reading. With Key2STATS, our lessons feature allows you to assign interactive lessons that intermix instructional components with assessment items to give your students instant feedback on their learning.

Repository of Sharable Learning Resources

Sharing is caring. At Key2STATS, 100% of all resources can be shared or copied. Looking to create resources and share them with other colleagues? No problem. Are you interested in using resources created by others? No problem.

Flexibility to Modify Learning Resources

Easily add, delete, modify, or re-order any learning resources to meet the needs of your classes. If you are looking to create your own resources, Key2STATS will allow you to build your own learning lessons or questions, or even upload your own YouTube videos for students to watch remotely.

Ability to Easily Integrate Open Educational Resources

In an effort to fully leverage existing OER resources, in addition to Key2STATS specific resources, Key2STATS houses a repository of easily assignable learning and assessment resources from OER textbooks such as Openstax and OpenIntro, among others.

Real-Time Learning Charts

Teachers can access student learning in real-time with charts that update every 10 seconds. The charts afford easier understanding of learning at the classroom level, or by student or problem.

Message board

In an effort to foster collaboration among our community of educators, Key2STATS offers a community message board. This message board serves as a tool which helps facilitate community and the sharing of ideas and resources among statistical educators worldwide.

Easily Assign Interactive Lessons and Problem Sets

Teachers can easily assign prebuilt lessons or problem sets to support student learning of topics typically found in an introductory statistics course. However, for teachers who wish to have more control, teachers can create custom lessons or problem sets by individually picking learning resources from our large library of learning resources and statistics questions.

"The questions help students focus their review, and the abundance of assignments is very beneficial. My students love these and I really appreciate all of the efforts you have been putting in. This is a tremendous resource."

Steve Geislinger, AP Statistics Teacher Arcadia High School - Scottsdale, AZ

RDojo - An R Coding Environment Built for Beginners

All teachers and students receive access to RDojo, an R coding environment built for beginners. Students can access RDojo directly in their web browsers, with absolutely nothing to download. RDojo provides students and teachers alike with an easy to use interface for the free and open-source R statistics package. With RDojo, students will have the option to quickly analyze and model data, create custom graphics suitable for easy export to Google Docs, run simulations, and learn one of the world’s most powerful analytics platforms.

Additional Platform Features

Math Review

Often, students who enroll in statistics classes would benefit from a little math review. If you have students who fall into this category, feel free to use our collection of math review assignments to get all students off on the right foot.

Support for Both TI & R

Whether you prefer to teach students using the TI-83/84 or R, or BOTH! Don’t worry. We have you covered. All our resources provide detailed instructions on how to perform the required statistical analysis using both the TI calculator and R.

1,500+ Datasets

For educators who are looking for resources to get their students using R, Key2STATS offers a collection of useful resources. In addition, all 1,500+ datasets sink with our own RDojo coding environment.

Mastery Learning Assignments

This feature allows you to assign a large problem set, and students continue to work on problems until a predefined average has been met (and at least 8 problems have been completed).

Differentiated Instruction

Teachers can create a primary problem set to be completed by all students. Then, depending on the final grade of the primary problem set, a secondary problem set is then assigned. This allows teachers to adjust instruction to meet the needs of different students.

Free-Response Quick Grading Feature

While the vast majority of assigned questions are graded automatically, free-response questions must be automatically graded. To help educators with this task, our platform has developed a free-response quick grading feature to help educators grade more efficiently using stored feedback with corresponding grades.

Organize Your Resources

If you are the type of educator who likes to stay organized, Key2STATS has you covered. Bundle problem sets and lessons as modules, and then bundle the modules into a complete course. If you like Key2STATS’s pre-built course, just make a copy and store it as your own.

Schedule Due Dates

When assigning problem sets, set due dates so that students know exactly when each assignment is due. In addition, Key2STATS will track which assignments have been submitted late.

Assignment Reports

Each assignment has a plethora of reports and graphics. Our analysis tools will help you understand how individual students performed, how students, on average, did on specific questions, and even see how students are doing in real-time.

Tag Assignments and Run Filtered Reports

For each assignment, you have the option to tag assignments and then run filtered reports based on specific tags.

Get Set Up Fast

Looking to get your students started quickly? Not a problem. Set up a class and assign your assignment in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee!

Get Quick Online Chat Support

If you are ever stuck and need help quickly, no problem. Once you log into your educator account, simply click on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage, and get instant help from someone on the Key2STATS team! Teachers are busy, and as teachers we.

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