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#DATASET-1700Surveys - DataCarpentry

info here ...

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#DATASET-1699Palmer Station Penguins

Data were collected and made available by Dr. Kristen Gorman and the Palmer Stat...

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#DATASET-1695Height of various plant types

Compares plant height data of various plant types including (English Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Purple G...

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#DATASET-1694Black-capped Chickadee response to Traffic Levels

Data set from Oden et al 2015. Measurement is the minimum and the maximum frequency of Bla...

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#DATASET-1693US Atlantic Hurricanes: 1851-2000

About the hurricane data:     A tropical cyclone is a low-pressure system over tro...

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#DATASET-1692Carbon Monoxide in Spokane, WA

About carbon monoxide in Spokane:     Carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless and colorle...

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#DATASET-1691Petroleum Spills in Washington State

About petroleum spills in Washington State:     In 1997, the Washington State Depa...

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#DATASET-1690Gas Storage Capacity v. Time

About cumulative gas storage:     Natural gas is an important fuel source in the U...

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#DATASET-1689Natural Gas Storage v. Time

About natural gas storage:     Natural gas is an important fuel source in the Unit...

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#DATASET-1688Oil Discovered v. Wells Drilled

About oil and gas discoveries:     The data set, taken from an article in Forbes m...

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#DATASET-1687Solar Cell Capacity v. Time

About US photovoltaic shipments:     Photovoltaic units or cells convert sunlight ...

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#DATASET-1686Dungeness Crab Population

About the Data Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) is an important commercial fishery along the nort...

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#DATASET-1685Logging and Stream Discharge

From 1955 to 1988 peak discharge data were collected from two watersheds (one logged, one un-logged)...

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#DATASET-1684USFS Fire Fighting Costs

These data display the costs per acre in fighting emergency forest fires over the past 20 years.&nbs...

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#DATASET-1683Florida Broiler Farm Pollution

Chicken production and consumption have increased dramatically in the US over the last 40 years; tod...

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#DATASET-1682Tree Ring Widths in a Douglas Fir

As trees grow in age a layer of wood cells are produced each year that usually extends around the en...

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#DATASET-1681Lake Superior: Ice v. Temperature

How does mean winter temperature affect length of season for lake ice?  To investigate this que...

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#DATASET-1680Gravel in Rural v. Urban Streams

About gravel in rural versus urban streams     Urbanization of streams occurs when...

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#DATASET-1679Intentional Earth Moved by Humanity

About intentional earth movement by humanity Human's have been engaged in intentional movemen...

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#DATASET-1678Columbia River Velocities

Current velocities were measured on a number of transects across the Columbia River in Washington St...

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#DATASET-1677New York Temperature v. Time

The mean values reported in this data set for New York were computed by averaging historic annual me...

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#DATASET-1676Lake Washington Bacteria Counts

About lake bacteria Some bacteria, especially intestinal bacteria discharged in feces, can pose a he...

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#DATASET-1675Mt. St. Helens Sediment and Precipitation

About sediment yield and precipitation - Mt. St. Helens, a young stratovolcano in south-central Wash...

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#DATASET-1674Cows and Fecal Coliform

About cows and coliform     Cows are a important source of biological contaminatio...

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#DATASET-1673Terminus Retreat of the Rainbow Glacier

About glacier retreat     Glaciers are masses of ice moving downhill or downslope ...

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