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#DATASET-1467Penny Ages

Sample of pennies and their ages. Taken in 2004.


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#DATASET-1466What's the best way to loosen a rusty bolt?

The channel Project Farm on YouTube investigated penetrating oils and other options for loosening...

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#DATASET-1465Guesses at the weight of Penelope (a cow)

The data was collected by the Planet Money podcast to test a theory about crowd-sourcing. Penelop...

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#DATASET-1464Simulated data sets for different types of outliers

Data sets for showing different types of outliers


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#DATASET-1463Oscar winners, 1929 to 2018

Best actor and actress Oscar winners from 1929 to 2018


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#DATASET-14621986 Challenger disaster and O-rings

On January 28, 1986, a routine launch was anticipated for the Challenger space shuttle. Seventy-t...

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#DATASET-1461California poll on drilling off the California coast

A 2010 survey asking a randomly sample of registered voters in California for their position on d...

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#DATASET-1460Nuclear Arms Reduction Survey

A simple random sample of 1,028 US adults in March 2013 found that 56\ support nuclear arms reduc...

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#DATASET-1459North Carolina births

In 2004, the state of North Carolina released to the public a large data set containing informati...

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#DATASET-1458NBA Players for the 2018-2019 season

Summary information from the NBA players for the 2018-2019 season.


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#DATASET-1457NBA Player heights from 2008-9

Heights of all NBA players from the 2008-9 season.


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#DATASET-1456Data for 20 metropolitan areas.

Population, percent in poverty, percent unemployment, and murder rate.


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#DATASET-1455Medial temporal lobe (MTL) and other data for 26 participants

The data are from a convenience sample of 25 women and 10 men who were middle-aged or older. The ...

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#DATASET-1454Major League Baseball Player Hitting Statistics for 2010

Major League Baseball Player Hitting Statistics for 2010.


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#DATASET-1453Salary data for Major League Baseball (2010)

Salary data for Major League Baseball players in the year 2010.


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#DATASET-1452Batter Statistics for 2018 Major League Baseball (MLB) Season

Batter statistics for 2018 Major League Baseball season.


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#DATASET-1451Migraines and acupuncture

Experiment involving acupuncture and sham acupunture (as placebo) in the treatment of migraines.<...

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#DATASET-1450President's party performance and unemployment rate

Covers midterm elections.


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#DATASET-1449Wii Mario Kart auctions from Ebay

Auction data from Ebay for the game Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii. This data was collected in e...

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#DATASET-1448New York City Marathon Times

Marathon times of male and female winners of the New York City Marathon 1970-1999.


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#DATASET-1447Experiment with Mammogram Randomized

An experiment where 89,835 women were randomized to either get a mammogram or a non-mammogram bre...

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#DATASET-1446Sleep in Mammals

This data set includes data for 39 species of mammals distributed over 13 orders. The data were u...

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#DATASET-1445Sample of 100 male heights

Random sample based on Food Commodity Intake Database distribution


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#DATASET-1444Random sample of adult male heights

This sample is based on data from the USDA Food Commodity Intake Database.


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#DATASET-1443Malaria Vaccine Trial

Volunteer patients were randomized into one of two experiment groups where they would receive an ...

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