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#DATASET-1542New York City Airbnb Open Data

Since 2008, guests and hosts have used Airbnb to expand on traveling possibilities and present mo...

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The primary reason for creating this dataset is the requirement of a good clean dataset of books....

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#DATASET-1540IMDB 5000 Movie Dataset

IMDB 5000 Movie Dataset


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#DATASET-1539Student Alcohol Consumption

The data were obtained in a survey of students math and portuguese language courses in secondary ...

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This data set includes 721 Pokemon, including their number, name, first and second type, and basi...

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#DATASET-1537Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)

Select variables from YRBSS.


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#DATASET-1536Sample of Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)

A sample of the yrbss data set.


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#DATASET-1535Contagiousness of yawning

An experiment conducted by the MythBusters, a science entertainment TV program on the Discovery C...

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#DATASET-1534Exxon Mobile stock data

Monthly data covering 2006 through early 2014.


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#DATASET-1533Time Between Gondola Cars at Sterling Winery

These times represent times between gondolas at Sterling Winery. The main take-away: there are 7 ...

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#DATASET-1532Predicting Who'd Vote for NSA Mass Surveillance

In 2013, the House of Representatives voted to not stop the National Security Agency's (NSA&#...

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#DATASET-1531US Airports

Airports located in all regions with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversight.


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#DATASET-1530State summary info

Census info for the 50 US states plus DC.


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#DATASET-1529Summary of many state-level variables

Census data for the 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico.


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#DATASET-1528President's party performance and unemployment rate

Covers midterm elections.


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#DATASET-1527Annual unemployment since 1890

A compilation of two data sets that provides an estimate of unemployment from 1890 to 2010.


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#DATASET-1526United Kingdom Demographic Data

This data set comes from the Guardian's Data Blog and includes five financial demographic var...

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#DATASET-1525Sample of UCLA course textbooks for Fall 2018

A sample of courses were collected from UCLA from Fall 2018, and the corresponding textbook price...

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#DATASET-1524UCLA courses in Fall 2018

List of all courses at UCLA during Fall 2018.


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#DATASET-1523Transplant consultant success rate (fake data)

Summarizing whether there was or was not a complication for 62 patients who used a particular med...

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#DATASET-1522Simulated data set for ANOVA

Simulated data set for getting a better understanding of intuition that ANOVA is based off of.

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#DATASET-1521Turkey tourism

Summary of tourism in Turkey.


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#DATASET-1520Simulated polling data set

Simulated data for a fake political candidate.


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#DATASET-1519Tip data

A simulated data set of tips over a few weeks on a couple days per week. Each tip is associated w...

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#DATASET-1518Thanksgiving spending, simulated based on Gallup poll.

This entry gives simulated spending data for Americans during Thanksgiving in 2009 based on findi...

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