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#DATASET-1517Textbook data for UCLA Bookstore and Amazon

A random sample was taken of nearly 10\ textbook for each course was identified, and its new pric...

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#DATASET-1516Teacher Salaries in St. Louis, Michigan

This data set contains teacher salaries from 2009-2010 for 71 teachers employed by the St. Louis ...

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#DATASET-1515Supreme Court approval rating

Summary of a random survey of 976 people.


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#DATASET-1514Treating heart attacks

Experiment data for studying the efficacy of treating patients who have had a heart attack with S...

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#DATASET-1513Sleep for 110 students (simulated)

A simulated data set for how much 110 college students each slept in a single night.


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#DATASET-1512Community college housing (simulated data, 2015)

These are simulated data and intended to represent housing prices of students at a college.


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#DATASET-1511Monthly Returns for a few stocks

Monthly return data for a few stocks, which covers stock prices from November 2015 through Octobe...

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#DATASET-1510Stents for the treatment of stroke

An experiment that studies effectiveness of stents in treating patients at risk of stroke with so...

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#DATASET-1509Stents for the treatment of stroke

An experiment that studies effectiveness of stents in treating patients at risk of stroke with so...

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#DATASET-1508Embryonic stem cells to treat heart attack (in sheep)

Does treatment using embryonic stem cells (ESCs) help improve heart function following a heart at...

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#DATASET-1507Final exam scores for twenty students

Scores range from 57 to 94.


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#DATASET-1506State-level data

Information about each state collected from both the official US Census website and from various ...

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#DATASET-1505Starbucks nutrition

Nutrition facts for several Starbucks food items


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#DATASET-1504Speed, gender, and height of 1325 students

1,325 UCLA students were asked to fill out a survey where they were asked about their height, fas...

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#DATASET-1503Financial information for 50 S&P 500 companies

Fifty companies were randomly sampled from the 500 companies in the S&P 500, and their financ...

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#DATASET-1502S&P 500 stock data

Daily stock returns from the S&P500 for 1990-2011 can be used to assess whether stock activit...

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#DATASET-1501Daily observations for the S\&P 500

Data runs from 1950 to near the end of 2018.


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#DATASET-1500Energy Output From Two Solar Arrays in San Francisco

The data provide the energy output for several months from two roof-top solar arrays in San Franc...

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#DATASET-1499Social experiment

A "social experiment" conducted by a TV program questioned what people do when they see...

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#DATASET-1498UK Smoking Data

Survey data on smoking habits from the UK. The data set can be used for analyzing the demographic...

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#DATASET-1497Smallpox vaccine results

A sample of 6,224 individuals from the year 1721 who were exposed to smallpox in Boston. Some of ...

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#DATASET-1496Survey on sleep deprivation and transportation workers

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey on the sleep habits of randomly sampled transpor...

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#DATASET-1495Sinusitis and antibiotic experiment

Researchers studying the effect of antibiotic treatment for acute sinusitis to one of two groups:...

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#DATASET-1494Simulated data for sample scatterplots

Fake data.


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#DATASET-1493Simulated data sets, drawn from a normal distribution.

Data were simulated using rnorm.


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